Hello, Fellow Americans.

My ethics: the integrity of
my focus for being THE NEXT
President of the United States
is in complete agreement
with what is written in MARK 9:35

I, Tom Edison, am a
U.S. Presidential Candidate.
I am the Most QUALIFIED
Individual to be the NEXT
President of the United States
From a Life Time of First Hand
experiences in Successfully
Solving, ALL types of problems
Cost-effectively, I have learned
what strategies REALLY WORK.


I AM the only 2020 U.S.

Presidential Candidate who

has invented NEW strategies to



I, Tom Edison, am also the

ONLY Singer-Songwriter and

Recording Artist to ever Run

for the U.S. Presidency; and

subsequently through Real

Life experiences I know a

LOT MORE about Serving the

General Public than any

career politician knows.


The intelligent LYRICS of the

original songs on my ALBUM

“Songs Better Than Dylan”

(available at CD Baby Music Store)

( )

clearly show what a

knowledgeable individual I AM


Please listen to the words

of my original songs and

then you will understand that

I am the only U.S.

Presidential Candidate

willing to speak the TRUTH

about everything.


I, Tom Edison, have

invented a NEW economic

model that is fairer to

the people who do the

actual work.


It is built around partnerships

in which the workers manage

themselves and receive a %

of the profits in regard to

what they have contributed.


As your NEXT President

of The United States I

will be able to oversee that

our U.S. Congress

incorporates this fairer

economic model into ALL

Federally funded business