Hello, Fellow Americans.

My ethics: the integrity of
my focus for being THE NEXT
President of the United States
is in complete agreement
with what is written in MARK 9:35

I, Tom Edison, am a
U.S. Presidential Candidate.
I am the Most QUALIFIED
Individual to be the NEXT
President of the United States
From a Life Time of First Hand
experiences in Successfully
Solving, ALL types of problems
Cost-effectively, I have learned
what strategies REALLY WORK.

I AM the only 2024 U.S.

Presidential Candidate who

has invented NEW strategies to


I, Tom Edison, am also the

ONLY Singer-Songwriter and

Recording Artist to ever Run

for the U.S. Presidency; and

subsequently through Real

Life experiences I know a

LOT MORE about Serving the

General Public than any

career politician knows.

The intelligent LYRICS of the

original songs on my ALBUM

“Songs Better Than Dylan”

clearly show what a

knowledgeable individual I AM.

Please listen to the words

of my original songs and

then you will understand that

I am the only U.S.

Presidential Candidate

willing to speak the TRUTH

about everything.

I, Tom Edison, have

invented a NEW economic

model that is fairer to

the people who do the

actual work.

It is built around partnerships

in which the workers manage

themselves and receive a %

of the profits in regard to

what they have contributed.